DS/ISO 12219-4:2013

Interior air of road vehicles – Part 4: Method for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials – Small chamber method

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This part of ISO 12219 describes a qualitative and quantitative analytical method for vapour-phase organic
compounds (volatiles and some semi-volatiles) released from car trim materials under simulated real use
conditions using small emission test chambers (small chamber). Small chambers are intended to provide a
transfer function to vehicle level emissions. This method is intended for evaluating new car interior trim
components but can, in principle, be applied to used car components.
Target compounds include VOCs (conventionally defined as organic compounds in the volatility range nhexane
to n-hexadecane) and volatile carbonyls such as formaldehyde. The specified analytical procedure for
VOCs is ISO 16000-6 and for formaldehyde and some other light carbonyl compounds is ISO 16000-3.
Compounds more volatile than n-hexane and less volatile than n-hexadecane can also be analyzed (see
ISO/DIS 16000-6 (Annex D), and ISO 16017-1 for more information).
In the case of dry, homogeneous materials; results from tests of volatile organic emissions carried out using
small chambers on newly manufactured products have been found to correlate well with data obtained using
standard (reference) methods and conventional small chambers. This part of ISO 12219 is complementary to
existing standards [1 to 2] and provides third party test laboratories and manufacturing industry with an approach
„o identifying the effect of real use conditions on specific VOC emissions data,
„o comparing emissions from various assemblies with regards to specific VOC emissions,
„o evaluating and sorting specific assemblies regarding specific VOC emissions data,
„o providing specific VOC emissions data to develop and verify a correlation between material level methods
and the vehicle level method,
„o evaluating prototype, ¡§low-emission¡¨ assemblies during development.

Number of pages: 26

Published: 2017-03-14

Date of approval: 2017-03-08

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ICS: 13.040.20 - Ambient atmospheres 43.020 - Road vehicles in general

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  • ISO/TC 146/SC 6/WG 13

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