DS/EN 1264-5:2008

Water based surface embedded heating and cooling systems - Part 5: Heating and cooling surfaces embedded in floors, ceilings and walls - Determination of the thermal output

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This European Standard applies to water based heating and cooling systems embedded into the enclosure surfaces of the room to be heated or to be cooled. Part 5 of this standard deals with the recalculation of values determined in Part 2 of this European Standard for the system in question, using it for floor heating applications. The recalculation method described in this part of the standard enables the conversion of the calculation and test results of Part 2 into results for other surface orientations in the room, i. e. for ceiling and wall heating, as well as for the application as cooling surfaces, i. e. for floor, ceiling and wall cooling. It has to be emphasised that the test results of Part 2 of this European Standard are the basis of all calculation. Therefore the use of this prove method is necessary whether or not the system in question is used for heating or cooling application.
This European Standard shall be applied to commercial trade and practical engineering if proved and certifiable values of the thermal output shall be used.

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Number of pages: 16

Published: 2008-12-18

Date of approval: 2008-11-27

International relationships : EN 1264-5:2008 IDT

ICS: 91.140.10 - Central heating systems

Item number: M216950



  • CEN/TC 130/WG 9

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